Sunday, November 13, 2016

Baby Blanket for Caitlin

Cape Cod Baby Blanket
in Crochet by DK
Deramores Studio DK Seascape Colour Pack
Pearl, Oatmeal, Mist, Jade, Malachite, Fir, Peridot, Amethyst, Blue Velvet, Sky, Topaz and Smoke

My doll of a niece, Caitlin, is expecting her first child quite soon.  She and her boyfriend have opted not to know their child's gender, which initially created a color challenge.  Luckily, I found this pretty color pack in my stash.  Caitlin has spent a good part of each summer of her life on Cape Cod.  Her maternal grandparents have had a home there for many years.  This color pack reflects the colors of the sea... seems a perfect fit to me.

I was finally able to give this to her yesterday at her baby shower.  It is quite thick and soft/silky, hope it keeps Amelia or Declan warm on those cold New England nights.

Love you Caitlin!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mystery Meadow Blanket

Yes, here I am again, two days in a row.  I have another new finish to share. This is my DROPS Mystery Meadow Blanket (CAL), and if you are not familiar with it, you can still take your own stab at it here. It was a fun crochet a long, however it is from a Dutch yarn company and the English directions were a bit wonky. Glad they had diagrams to go by, and sadly, they wanted us to start in middle of rounds and I am start at the corners crocheter, so I had to study and prepare each week to find my starting point in the directions.

The blanket is a bit smaller than I had hoped it would be.  I used Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Life DK for mine, and upped my hook to 3.50.  That was a good move, but do designers forget some of us are tall?  LOL.  I chose my colors from a link I had found on Pinterest...

...lovely Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment, Mocha, Sage, Pale Rose, Parma Violet, Grape, Cream, Soft Peach and Storm Blue, plus Stylecraft Life DK in Ice Blue and Mint. I think it is a pretty Victorian, feminine combo.

I do love how this came out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BoHo Chic

I haven't been on here in forever. Truth be told, I am all messed up with taking photos from my phone and trying to blog. It is hard for So I uploaded the photo and am using the desktop computer in my office. It is OK, the boss does not mind. I am my boss ;-) So... I have tons to share, but for today I have this cute BoHo pillow I started over the weekend and finished last night while watching the MLB Home Run Derby. I love, love, love this pillow.
Back view...
Front view...

 I got the idea from this site. I didn't have any variegated DK yarn in my stash, but I have tons of scrap DK from my many projects. So I ordered up six of the seven available colors of Hayfield Bonus Buzz DK from Deramores... I passed on the one that looked like camouflage on the site.... the yarn arrived on Saturday and I decided to try a pillow. The squares were so fun to make. Many of them are so very bright! The Hayfield Buzz I used are Mingle, Jig, Scoot, Sizzle, Cherry Pop and Tie Dye. Meanwhile, the Stylecraft Special DK yarn was numerous: Claret, Burgundy, Fondant, Bright Pink, Pale Rose, Shrimp, Apricot, Copper, Spice, Citron, Gold, Meadow, Grass Green, Pistachio, Lime, Cypress, Bottle, Lobelia, Storm Blue, Lavender, Boysenberry, Fuschia Purple, Parma Violet, Silver, Mocha, Stone, Cream, Dark Brown, Duck Egg, Grape, Aspen, Pomegranate... it is a burst of color!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

In loving memory...

We lost our Lily very suddenly on 3/16/16. I have been grieving and struggling with whether I let her go too soon. I decided to crochet a memorial blanket, hoping it would soothe me. I am really loving the project and hope to reveal it fairly soon. I am still cross stitching too, just working on BAPs, so not sharing much. Hope all are well!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Circle of Friends... ta da!

Circle of Friends with Celtic Lace Join
Priscilla Hewitt & Baby Love Designs
Border #27 in Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman
James C. Brett Top Value DK
Pattern and inspiration for the squares and the Celtic Lace Join are found HERE
James C. Brett Top Value DK Color Pack plus 3.5 balls of Grey (29) in the same range

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A new blanket under construction

A new colorful blanket is underway.  This one is Textured Circles by Baby Love Designs.  This is based on Circle of Friends by Priscilla Hewitt.  I have not figured out how the two are different, yet Baby Love describes it as an adaptation.  I plan to use the Celtic Lace join.  The yarn is James C. Brett Top Value DK, colour pack purchased from Deramores.   I ordered JCB Grey for the border/join.  May be a while before that arrives from the UK.  Here I have 21 of 48 blocks completed.

Well, Deramores must have pit the yarn on a fast jet, it arrived already today!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Spice of Life Blanket

Finished this morning. My Spice of Life Blanket still needs to be blocked, but the ends are all woven in... victory!
Spice of Life Blanket
Cherry Heart Designs with Edie Eckman Around the Corner Crochet Borders #27
Deramores Studio DK Seascape Colour Pack - Amethyst, Fir, Pearl, Oatmeal, Jade, Mist, Malachite, Blue Velvet, Peridot, Topaz, Sky and Smoke (two balls of Smoke)
4 mm hook, US size G
 ***Edited to add that I really am still stitching, see??  LOL.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Drifter C2C Blanket

 I made an easy, relaxing C2C blanket while on staycation for two weeks, and chose to use it in one of my offices, this time for my Londonderry, NH office.  And it was a cold day today, so I did snuggle with it for a bit.

The simplicity of this blanket gave me ideas, and I opted to use some super soft self striping yarn in 4 colors. As one ball ended, I attached a new color... well, I like it. Looks kind of southwestern in person.
King Cole Drifter DK in Boston, Hawaii, California and Texas

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Painted Roses Blanket Reveal

Finished in the very wee hours of 2016.... Painted Roses Blanket ... a labor of love

I did decide to change out the border on my blanket.  I used border #93 in Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman (a must have book for crocheters available on Amazon).. I wanted a lacier finish than that offered by Sandra Paul (designer)... see the Painted Roses baby blanket I completed just a few posts below this for the original border (November 27, 2015).

I chose to make my blanket 8 x 10 squares, and made 20 each of four different leaf colors, much like a real garden.  No two roses are the same.  DH helped me figure out the layout, and he did a great job.

Blanket is made primarily with Stylecraft Special DK in lime, sage, bottle, meadow, pale rose, cream, aspen, lobelia, mocha, stone, storm blue, wisteria, lavender, clematis, apricot, silver, duck egg, candyfloss, fondant and parma violet in parchment.  I also used Hayfield Baby DK in plum.

Super happy with the final outcome, will be making more Cherry Heart items for sure.... have my second Spice of Life blanket by her on my hook now :-)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Under construction

Let the finishing begin...

Many ends now to sew in.... border to do.... the one charted or select another? 
Loving the results so far.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Stitching Update

Yes, stitching, as in cross stitching.  I do still  In fact, made a lot of progress on Anniversaries of the Heart this year.  A tiny peek as I pick it up to work on it tonight  :-)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A brand new Spice of Life blanket is on my hook

I have started a brand new Spice of Life blanket, a quick and fun project with a few sampler stitches in it.  This time around I am using Deramores Studio DK Seascape Colour Pack, which hasn't been on their site for a bit now.  It consists of 12 100 mg balls, 1 each of Amethyst, Topaz, Mist, Malachite, Oatmeal, Blue Velvet, Fir, Pearl, Sky, Jade, Smoke and Peridot.  I am liking how these colors work together and believe I have figured out where this one will go once it is finished.

This is a free pattern that was a CAL earlier this year by Cherry Heart Designs: Spice of Life CAL

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Painted Roses Blanket progress

Now that the cross stitch Christmas ornaments that I stitch for certain pals every year are finished, I am back to these fun rose squares.  I need 80, have 42 now.  This is a larger adult version of the baby blanket I made two posts below this one... so excited.  Sewing in the ends on each square is the slow part.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas gifts for a friend

I made a box of Christmas treats for my old friend Brenda, and yesterday they arrived safely in Texas. A whole lot of crocheting, and a little bit of cross stitch too....

I made another Around the Bases CAL afghan, this time for Brenda...may she and her family be warm all winter long. This is one very heavy blanket, again using scrap yarn.

The center for this afghan is highlighted here. I chose a quartet of flower blocks for my sunny friend. She is thrilled, warms my heart.

And for her tree... Heart in Hand Woodland Peace on 32 ct Country Grain Belfast linen :-)

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello, after a few messages from old stitching blogging friends, I realized just how long I have been among the missing. I think I shall try a go at this again now. I have been stitching off and on, yet lately crochet has caught my attention. It is easier with my headaches and tinnitus, for sure. Less of a forward head posture, which causes me those symptoms to a greater degree. And I don't need to wear my cheaters for crochet either. I had two big finishes just this week...

Painted Roses Baby Blanket
Cherry Heart
Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg, Grass Green, Fondant, Candyfloss, Lobelia, Lavender, Wisteria, Clematis, Apricot, Citron and Aspen

And this very large afghan which was a CAL discovered on Facebook, and is called Around the Bases. For 16 weeks (mid August to this past Sunday), I would awake and open a blog for the week'S directions. This one leaves tomorrow to a friend... three more of these to finish off before the holidays... Now I am busily stitching my Christmas ornament gifts :-)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow Update

I have an update at last. I now have two blocks completed on CaHRH. All of this snow (more than 90" of it so far) has kept me indoors a bit more than usual, and thus a chance to stitch! This peacock has one very fancy

Monday, February 02, 2015

2015 Stitching Plans

Plan for 2015....stitch MORE, stitch the big ones!
I started Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow at least two years's back, and I finally finished this first monster block...
And, Anniversaries of the Heart continues to find itself in my lap...a pic of the fifth block, dedicated to my friend Brenda, is shown here... Hope you are all well. We are enduring our second huge snowstorm in less than a week. Winter in New England.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lots of Christmas ornaments!!

I have a few Christmas ornaments to share.... cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted. So much going on, I wish I had more time to stitch.
I sent this "Christmas Ornament" to Brendon for the HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange... not Christmasy? I know. But, Brendon loves the Giants and I know that... I sucked it up as a Red Sox fan and stitched this for him. I thought of adding a little holly or something, but my eyes were so buggy as I was between prescriptions at the time, and thought... this is good! Hey, I have NE Patriots ornaments that just say NE Patriots on my tree... typical US sports fan Anyhow, I know he loves it!
This is the beauty I received from Kathy K. for the same exchange... love, love, love it! Cannot get enough BRD ornaments on my tree!! Thank you so much Kathy, so beautifully stitched and finished.
Now... on to ornaments I have been blessed to receive this year :-) This sweet little German angel is stitched by my beloved Marie P. So very, very sweet!
And dearest Andrea added this stunning addition for our tree!
While sweet, sweet Katrina sent me this cutie...
And the ever so kind and thoughtful Margaret sent me this sweet thing - a Barbara Ana freebie from a FB group, and she tweeked the colors thusly... awesome!
So, I stitched a few gifts... this is for Brenda, one of my oldest and dearest pals... my hand tremors are often very bad (neurologist says there is no diagnosis, so not sure what is up)... best pick I could get with the tremors acting up so badly and could not go outside for a better pic due to snow...
Holly Jolly Ornament
Heart in Hand
40 ct Vintage Country Mocha Linen, GAST and WDW Floss
For Katrina...
Peace Dove Ornament
JBW Designs in 2014 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique White Belfast Linen, Stranded by the Sea Floss in Majestic Angelfish
For Karen K. ...
Rejoice Ornament
Lizzie Kate - Flora McSample 2012
36 ct Fawn Lakeside Linens, WDW Floss
For Andrea...
Christmas Alphabet Ornament
Heart in Hand - FB Freebie
32 ct Driftwood Linen, GAST and WDW Floss
For Margaret...
Believe Ornament
Lizzie Kate - Flora McSample 2012
36 ct Fawn Lakeside Linens, WDW Floss
Unfortunately, my tremors did not allow me to get even a relatively decent pic of the ornament I stitched for Marie P. I will wait until she posts a pic and grab hers...

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Found out today that Erin has received the Halloween ornament that I stitched for her for an exchange...
Yeow! Ornament
Prairie Schooler
2012 JCS Halloween Special Issue
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Red Berries for Becky

Lynn W. (cannot find blog link!) has finally received my ornament for the latest round of the HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange. The USPS did not run late... I did :-( I had such a brain cramp, mishap, oh boy, whatever one might choose to call it... on getting this ornament done. I think, bottom line, is that August is not a good month for stitching! So much to do around here. And, the original ornament I started for her just did not speak to me at all, so at 80% stitched, I put it aside and started anew! And, that seemingly took me forever too. All these beads, I went with a simple pillow finish. It is truly delicate, and I am very glad she told me it was worth the wait!
Red Berries Ornament
Rosewood Manor 
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, December 2006
36 ct Sand Edinburgh Linen, DMC Floss, Unknown Beads from my stash...

Monday, September 01, 2014

Overdue Update

I am long overdue to post again to my blog. I do not kid myself, however. I don't think more than a tiny handful still even read my blog. Nonetheless, I have been negligent, so I will post a few things today. I realize I, myself, do not read blogs much at all any longer. I do, however, follow many of my xs friends on Facebook. Much easier. At one time a couple of years back, I was reading blogs so often that I fell very far behind in my paperwork at my office. Thus, I had to stop and right the ship again... I have received a couple of HoE exchanges I can now share:
I received this cute little snowman ornament from Melissa from the recent Christmas Ornament Exchange round. She says it is a freebie she has wanted to stitch.  I might have it, but I don't think I do... not all sure who the designer is, but this really, really is cute.  And Melissa did a nice job with finishing it too.  Thank you so much, Melissa.

I also received this pretty biscornu from Jayne in the UK (so very sorry, I cannot find her blog link).  She chose some delicate colors and fabric for me. Thank you Jayne :-)

How could I have not yet shared this pretty little birthday gift from my dear friend, Margaret ?  This is so delicate and sweet. Sadly, my camera fogged up when I went outside to take the photo.  I had thought this final one had come out clear, but I was mistaken!  Thank you Margaret, for this delicate gift and the goodies you sent to me too!  I must catch up with stitching birthday gifts again...  right on my to do list that goes!

Despite getting little stitching in, in total, over the past three months, I am up to date on Frosted Pumpkin's Stitchery's Once Upon A Time Sampler...
In June, we had The Princess and the Pea. So cute!  Loved stitching those pretty quilts on all of those mattresses.

In July, we had Thumbelina.  I just love those colorful little fish and the little mouse. 

And in August,we had The Bremen Town Musicians (or at they called it, The Musicians of Bremen Town, but as a German child growing up, I learned of it as Bremen Town Musicians)...  the animals are a bit updated than in the original fairy tale. Super fun to stitch.
And here we are so far.  Um, my camera was foggy again in this shot.  This is the best of a few.  Next time I will do better (how often do I say that??)...

Well, that is what I have to share...  like I said, this is basically a dead, non-read blog. But I share anyhow.